Community Meals And The Community Meal Ministry

St. John's Church

Once a month, a working miracle happens at the Red Barn. Beginning at 5:30 pm on a Monday, volunteers descend upon the Red Barn bearing gifts not of frankincense and myrrh but chicken franchese and mashed potatoes. It’s the Community Meal Ministry- a community of volunteers from St. Johns who bring a hot dish to share with our community. Our guests receive a sit-down, home -cooked meal served to them restaurant style. Imagine always waiting on lines- at pantries, at offices, at bus stops- but not at the Community Meal! Here, we serve our guests- learning their names and welcoming them to enjoy a warm meal at our table. If you have every wanted to become more involved, felt passionate that no one should be hungry, or wanted to help your community -then consider this a personal invitation to join us! Each month we post a different menu with suggestions and ask people to bring what they can and each month it comes together as an amazing meal. If you are thinking, “I can’t commit each month”- then this really is the ministry for you! You don’t have to commit to once a month, or even every other month! You can even do a drop off and run if that works for you; but if you stick around you’ll love what we do even more because you’ll feel that sense of care and belonging. We ask that you commit when you are capable and that you cook with love and food safety in mind! If you’re thinking, “Yes! That’s the ministry for me! I care, I want to make a difference!”, fantastic!! What do you do next? Email Aimee Mattiolo at with the subject line “Community Meal”. Let’s get cooking!


Inspired by our patron, St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church in Center Moriches seeks to bring the light of Christ to a world in need, so that as Christ has done, we may also do.
From the celebration of the Eucharist, we are sent forth to serve God and neighbor through ministries of formation, education and outreach.